Thursday, May 05, 2016

Her Slut

My newly wed wife never really liked men. She just simply married me, to hide that she's a lesbian from everyone else she knew of. She started fucking girls behind my back. Every time I confronted her, she denied and that she would never cheat me. She knew that I wouldn't be silent soon. One day when I returned from work, she was lying on the sofa looking at me, I said "Whats up Honey?". She simply chanted ancient spells which I could not even spell out, the very next second I found myself naked on our bed. But something felt different, I looked down and I saw huge DD breasts, sensitive and soft. I immediately tried to grab my member, but instead there was nothing but a wet slit in its place. I started to panic and screamed . My Wife returned, before I could say anything she turned me around and put her finger in my tight twat. It was painful at first but soon I started moaning like a wet bitch. She whispered in my ears, " You're my slut now....".

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

The Sissy Of Spades

My wife and I wanted to spice up our sex life , so one day we decided to adopt Wife-Sharing, slowly it become more and more for her, and less for me,there came a point you can very well say it was basically cuckolding, she bought in various guys having BBC's and fucked them right in front of me. She only licked my ass , she never bought my penis near her. This continued for days until I started to like it. I wanted to be fucked like her, so I watched the BBC fucking my wife rather than my wife getting fucked by BBC. Soon one of her boyfriends found me cute. Then he made me suck his big black cock, right in front of my wife who was rubbing her pussy getting turned on, then he thrusted his hard cock in me and fucked my ass until it became sore. He made me eat his cum. That was the day I became The Sissy Of Spades

Monday, May 02, 2016

New Parents

My wife and I were in our late 40's with no children. We both are really unhappy with our marriage, she wanted a lot of attention to herself and she wanted sex almost every night.

But I concentrated on work more , and by the time I come home I'm really tired.

One day my wife said that she had it with me, the next day, when I woke up I was in a body was an 18 year old girl.

 My wife explained she was once a witch but when she met me she fell in love with me,she had lost her powers by doing so.

 But now I no longer cared about her the way I once did, she lost the love she had for me, then she introduced me to Frank, she said she found her new love and that they are more than happy to make me their daughter.

 I had no choice but to oblige , but what my new 'Mommy' didnt know was that 'Daddy' fucked me every night from then...

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Hey guys! I know.... Its been a very long time, but the good thing is I'm back, and please forgive for abandoning when I just said I'll be posting frequently! I missed making captions, but I kinda concentrated more on my life, I'm sorry for that, but I think this is a good time to continue my blog, I hope I make up for all that lost time. Love you guys . XOXOXO

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Monthly Entry- Oct 2015

Heya guys, sorry for not posting for a long time, but I promise that I would be posting at least one everyday. I've been real busy for the past days, so i didn't even think about you guys I'm so sorry.
Also I want to share to guys that my page has got more than 46,000 views, all thanks to you guys.
It would be a great help if you would tell me about my captions, it really helps with my confidence, also give me a few suggestions on what caption you would like to see in my blog, just comment or email here at . Also you could visit my Google+ account where I share not only my posts but also other people's caption which I just love reading, so thats it for now .XOXOXO

- Ranjhana

Worth It

Josh rubbed his new slit, it was so sensitive, never had he felt such sensations . It was truly better than having a dick. He felt air rush through his pussy, he felt quite feminine. He didn't wait for a second, he immediately went to his van to explore his new sexuality. He was surprised to see how he could stretch his legs so wide. He started inserting his fingers in his new tiny hole, he no longer had a penis, the thing closest to his penis was his clitoris. But even a baby had a bigger penis than his clitoris, he felt quite embarrassed on it. But he could sacrifice that if he would get a monstrous orgasms like how he got now. 

Always Together

Frank and Judith were deeply in love with each other. They felt their life was perfect and all they need in their life was them loving each other. But life was cruel. Frank had developed Testicular Cancer, though it was quite common and quite easily curable that was not the case for Frank. The only way to cure was to pump high amounts of oestrogen in his blood stream. Frank was quite sad as Dr. Nutt had said it would have some side effects. But Judith convinced him. After treatment Frank no longer had the body he wanted to save he had fat plump breasts, smooth & juicy ass . He no longer could make love with his dick, huge amounts of oestrogen had  shrunk his dick, it beyond recognisable, but still Francie & Judith loved each other, Judith always wanted to try with a woman who is better than her boyfriend .